It’s no secret: we love our Kevin Murphy hair products.

But what is it about this Australian beauty brand that we love so much?

Well, in this article we are going to show you our 10 favorite hair products from Kevin Murphy and tell you exactly what we love about them so much!

Styling Products

Kevin Murphy Hair Treatment Products

What conversation about Kevin Murphy would be complete without talking about their styling products?

There are a plethora of different styling products from Kevin Murphy, and you can find one for every type of hair out there.

Not all Kevin Murphy styling products are created equally though, so be sure to read our descriptions below before deciding what one you need!

Bedroom Hair

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair Styling Product

This product from Kevin Murphy is a hair and body spray that is meant to just give your hair a bit of oomph, but not actually hold it in place. This means that it smells amazing and it makes your hair feel soft, even if you spray a lot on it! It’s also great for layering other Kevin Murphy products.

Session Stylist Spray

Kevin Murphy Session Spray

This product is an amazing texturizing spray that makes your hair feel awesome. It’s best for adding definition to messy buns or just having some added texture in your hair throughout the day. We love this lightweight spray because it smells like heaven and doesn’t leave behind any icky residue!

Free Hold Styling Paste

Kevin Murphy Free Hold Styling Paste

This medium-hold styling paste is great for anyone looking to add smooth volume and hold to their hair (without the stiffness of many styling products). It’s best for people who like to wear messy buns or braids, but also provides as much hold as you need for other styles too.

Treatments (for frizzy over-processed hair)

Who doesn’t love a good hair treatment?

We know we do! And Kevin Murphy’s got a great lineup of treatments that can be used for all different purposes, from growing your hair out to taking care of frizz.

Leave-In Repair

Kevin Murphy Leave In Repair

If your curls are shouting, “Repair me!” then this is the product for you.

We love this as a leave-in conditioner because it is lightweight, doesn’t make hair greasy, and helps to repair split ends and frizzy hair. It smells amazing and we love that it adds shine to our dry hair without making it oily!

Angel Masque

Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

This product is a weekly hair mask that we love to use after a few days of not washing our hair. It makes our hair feel super soft and helps smooth out frizz, making the style last longer! Plus, it makes your previously-dry hair smell amazing!

The secret? Celery seed extract – designed to clarify hair as it repairs.

Scalp Spa Treatment

Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Treatment

This deeply nourishing scalp treatment helps with dandruff, dryness, and flakes all while making your hair smell heavenly. The peppermint in the product wakes you up as well as cleanses your scalp to leave you feeling refreshed!

Think of it like a strengthening conditioner that can restore dry hair to a whole new level of fabulousness.


Sick of all the hard work required to shampoo and condition your hair every day?

You can’t go wrong with Kevin Murphy washes! We love all the options they have, but our top 2 are:

Hydrate Me Wash

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash

We love this product because it makes our hair feel clean without making it dry. They crafted specially-formulated shampoo designed to delicately cleanse the hair removing dirt, dust, and other particles that can cause scalp build up. The conditioner is super moisturizing too!

Maxi Wash

Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash

This wash is great for people with oily roots and dry ends because it cleanses the scalp without drying out the ends. It leaves your hair feeling clean, but not stripped of all its natural oils, giving your locks a much needed detox!


We also love Kevin Murphy’s new addition to his hair care line of rinses. They are super moisturizing, get rid of leftover unwanted products, and improve your natural shine!

Smooth Again Rinse

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Rinse

This product is great for people who are looking to get rid of frizz and flyways. It cleanses the hair without drying it out, but also helps reduce static! It also contains UV protection, so it will help keep your color from fading!

Plumping Rinse

Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse

This rinse is a great way to add instant volume and shine to your hair. It also helps with static issues as well! This product smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling super soft too!

Final Thoughts

If you want to fix your damaged hair (thanks, blow dryer) while giving it that finished look, then Kevin Murphy is your guy. From the conditioning goodness of their treatments to the workable hold offered by their styling products, these guys know how to make hair look amazing.

So if you’ve been praying to the keratin gods for a little salvation for your beat-up follicles, definitely check out Kevin Murphy. They’re always coming out with new products, too.

Breathe new life into your hair with a little help from our Australian friends down under!

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