Have you heard of Kaleidoscope hair products?

Chances are, you probably haven’t. But that doesn’t mean that this small brand hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana won’t be able to deliver!

Developed by business visionary Jesseca Dupart, Kaleidoscope Hair Products (and its parent brand, KaleidoKares) have over 2 million followers on Facebook.

In this article, we discover the secret to their success: their top 4 best-selling hair products, what they do, and when you should use them to maximize the health of your locks.

Miracle Drops

kaleidoscope miracle drops for hair

You’ll want to use this hair serum whenever you need your locks extra-glossy.

It’s magical in its ability to give your strands a sheen that will make people think they’re looking at Superman (or Superwoman) when they look at you! That is, if Superman was an average human like you or me – and not a man of steel.

This product has quickly become one of the most popular hair oils on Amazon, and it currently holds a five star rating from over 1,000 customer reviews.

Imagine how much you have to love something in order to review it! No wonder this is their top seller.

Sleek Edges Control

sleek edges kaleidoscope hair styling product

If your hair is plagued by flyaways, frizzies, and other wispy issues that makes your hairstyles lackluster, you’ll want to take advantage of this no-fuss anti-frizz hair serum.

The slick edges control serum works by smoothing away the unruly parts of your hair so that you can easily style your hair the way you want.  It’s lightweight, and works to make your hair appear sleek and polished for up to three days.

This product also holds a five star rating from over 200 customer reviews on Amazon.

Miracle Shake Leave In Detangler Spray

miracle shake coconut oil detangler spray for curly hair from kaleidoscope

Do you ever get so frustrated with hair tangles that you want to plunge your fists into greasy, oily substances like butter?  You’re not alone.

This is where the miracle shake comes in. It’s a leave-in detangler spray that works by smoothing out even the most stubborn of knots that hide beneath your locks. The shake leave-in detangler is actually dermatologist tested and safe for even those people with sensitive skin.

This product also holds a five star rating on Amazon, and it’s currently available on sale for under $7.99 on Amazon.

The Answer

the answer therapeutic treatment mask for hair from kaleidoscope

This is a hair treatment that you’ll want to use if you want your locks to be as strong as the elements themselves.  It’s called The Answer for a reason: it will allow your hair strands to become more resilient, so they don’t snap off in the middle of a harsh wind or rainstorm.

This product holds an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, but the customer reviews are largely positive.  It’s especially great for anyone who has lackluster hair, because it will give your locks a healthy sheen while restoring their natural beauty.

This product is available for sale on Amazon at less than $7.99 per container.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re choosing a new conditioner, shampoo, or just want to improve the texture of your hair, Kaleidoscope has something for you. And if you’re active in the stylist community on Facebook, chances are you may have already seen their ads.

Their products are guaranteed to change the texture of your hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils – something few other brands can claim!

We hope you were able to learn something from our article on this fledgling brand. Even if you have products you love, it’s still always good to have options.

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