When it comes to styling your hair, sometimes you want to achieve that wet look. This usually happens when you use holding agents like gel, hairspray, or mousse. Not only does it help reduce frizz, but giving your hair that wet look is a great way to keep your hair manageable throughout the day.

It doesn’t get in your face, doesn’t blow around in the wind, and looks smooth and sleek.

But if you’re used to going natural, you’re probably wondering how to keep your hair looking wet. Well fortunately for you, we’ve dedicated an entire article to teach you how to do just that. Enjoy!

Tips for getting that wet look

Now that you understand the basics of getting that wet hair look, let’s examine some practical tips for getting what you want.

Use some hair mousse

Use some hair mousse for the wet look

When you’re using a holding agent like gel, it can be drying your hair. Also, using gel in your hair can make it crunchy – not always a desirable hair texture. And not to mention the fact that the cheaper gels out there will produce a flaky residue as the day wears on.

Give your hair volume with some mousse, instead.

Not only will it help keep the wet look, but it will also help add some shine and volume to your hair.

Plus, mousse tends to leave your hair a little bit more flexible than gel or hairspray.

Add products to slightly damp hair

If you’re looking for that sleek and wet look, you’ll want to put your product on slightly damp hair. That way, the product has something to grip onto and will stay in place a bit better.

As a general rule of thumb, almost all hair products should be applied to wet hair. This goes for hair dyes too. The reason for this is that when applied to wet hair, these products are more evenly distributed and better absorbed.

Drying your hair with a towel

Drying your hair with a towel

When you’re done drying your hair, don’t just stop there! If you want to keep that wet look, you’ll need to finish off by drying your hair with a towel. Rub it around in a circular motion until your hair is mostly dry.

Then use a hair dryer on low-heat to finish it off. This will help set the style and keep everything in place.

Try using hair spray

Try using hair spray for the wet look

If you’re looking for extra hold, you can try using hair spray on top of your wet hair. This will give you an extra layer of protection and help keep everything in place.

Just be careful not to use too much, or your hair will start to feel stiff and heavy. A light misting should do the trick. Of course, hairsprays differ in their ability to hold the hair in place, so your mileage may vary.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should look for a hairspray that doesn’t contain too many artificial ingredients. Hairsprays are notorious for drying out hair, which is not a good thing is your hair is thin and wispy.

If you’re on a budget, check out our list of top hair sprays you can get from a drugstore.

Use some hair gel

Use some hair gel for the wet look

While adding hair gel to your hair is a surefire way to get that wet look, we don’t really like it for a few reasons.

For one, when girls put gel in their hair, they usually do it with a tight ponytail. This puts a ton of stress on the follicles, which will eventually lead to hair loss. Add to that the fact that hair gel has a thick consistency and can clog pores, making hair loss even more likely.

There are better ways to achieve that wet look hairstyle. Hair gel is one of the most chemically-harsh hair products that you can use. Avoid it if possible!

Try hair-defining pomade

Try hair-defining pomade

If you want to give your hair a wet look without using too much product, then you might want to try using a hair pomade.

This is a type of wax-like product that helps define your hair’s natural texture. It can make your hair a bit shinier and will help keep everything in place. Once you apply the pomade, you’re going to want to use a wide-tooth comb to brush it through your hair evenly.

If you have finer hair that is less naturally curly, you can get away with using a fine-tooth comb instead. This will give you a more uniform look and make it less obvious that you have applied any product. Just be sure to apply it on damp hair (after removing excess moisture) in order to evenly spread the product.

If you have short hair

If you have short hair The Wet Hair Look

If you decided to cut your hair short, then you might find it a little bit harder to get that wet look. This is because shorter hair doesn’t stay in place quite as well as long hair does. You’d think it would be the opposite because longer hair has a lot more that can “go wrong” with it, so to speak, but this isn’t the case.

Your best bet for short hair is to just scrunch it up with a little bit of mousse. This will give your hair a wet look, add some volume, and provide medium-hold throughout the day.

If you have wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, then you’re in luck – this is one of the best hair types for getting that wet look. All you need to do is apply a light layer of gel or mousse, and then blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction of its natural curl. This will help define your waves and add volume.

If you have curly hair, then you can also use a diffuser.

This is a small attachment that you can put on the end of your hairdryer that will help diffuse the air and make it more gentle. We recommend using a diffuser on wavy to curly hair.

If you have straight hair

If you have straight hair

You’re pretty limited when it comes to getting that wet look when you have straight hair. You could try to apply gel and do a tight ponytail, but we already went over why we don’t like that. Your best bet would be to use something like a shine mist, but this may make your hair look oily if you use too much.

If possible, try and give yourself some beach waves and adding some conditioning mousse to your hair. This, combined with a little finger combing and letting your hair air dry, might be your best bet.

Improve your hair texture with a hair serum or oil

Improve your hair texture with a hair serum or oil

If you have a hard time getting your hair to hold a style, then you might want to try improving the texture of your hair. This can be done by using a hair serum designed for your hair type.

Similar to using a holding agent, you’re going to want to comb the serum or oil through your hair with a comb. People with thicker hair will require a wide-tooth comb, whereas those with fine hair should use a fine-tooth comb.

After the serum or oil has been applied, you can style your hair as usual. This will help give your hair a wet look while also providing some hold. You might need to reapply the serum or oil throughout the day, but it’s worth it to keep your hair looking its best.

Comb your baby hairs

Comb your baby hairs

When you’re trying to make it look like you have wet hair, don’t neglect your baby hairs! Nothing makes you look more ridiculous than having a bunch of baby hairs popping out around your hairline when the rest of your hair looks sleek and smooth.

To tame your baby hairs, use a light hair gel or serum. Just apply it to your fingertips and then run them over your baby hairs. This will help keep them in place and looking neat.

If you have trouble taming all of your baby hairs, you might want to try using a small brush or comb to help get them all in place.

Be careful not to use too much product, as this can make your hair look greasy and weighed down. A light application is all you need to keep those baby hairs under control.

Avoid messy hairstyles

Avoid messy hairstyles

One of the things that can make a wet look less convincing is having a messy hairstyle. If your hair is all over the place, it’s going to be hard to make it look like you just stepped out of the shower.

If you’re having trouble keeping your hair under control, try using some bobby pins or a hair tie to keep it out of your face. This will help make your hairstyle look neater and more put together.

For natural curls, wet hair can get pretty messy. Try to keep your hair damp before applying any products like mousse.

Watch out for dry hair

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to attain that wet-look hair is that you don’t want your hair to be too dry. If your hair is too dry, it won’t hold a style very well and it will likely end up looking frizzy.

If you’re having trouble keeping your hair moisturized, try using a light hair oil or serum. This will help add some moisture to your hair and make it easier to style.

You can also try using a deep conditioner once a week to help improve the overall health of your hair.

Try a glossing spray

Try a glossing spray Color Wow Hair

A great way to get that wet hair look without using a lot of products is to use a glossing spray. This is a light mist that you can apply to your hair to give it a shiny, wet-looking finish.

These are not our favorite products, as they can often leave the hair feeling oily and looking greasy. But as with anything else, the dose makes the poison. So just be careful not to use too much and you should be ok.

As you can see from the image, we like this product from Color Wow. For more info, read our article on Color Wow’s best hair products here.

Throw your hair up in a messy bun

The easiest way to get a wet hair look with minimal effort is to throw your hair up in a messy bun. This will give you a sleek, wet-looking hairstyle in just a few seconds.

To do this, start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles. Then add some mousse and scrunch it through your hair with your fingers.

Next, pull your hair up into a messy bun on the top of your head. Use bobby pins or a hair tie to secure it in place. If needed, you can also use a little more mousse to help keep it in place.

Use some coconut oil

Another option is to use some coconut oil to get that wet hair look . Coconut oil is a great product for giving the hair a shiny, wet-looking finish.

Some people aren’t a fan of the smell, but coconut oil contains lots of nutrients that are good for the hair. So if you’re looking for a product that will help improve the overall health of your hair, coconut oil is a good option.

Plus, you could always mix it with another product that has a fragrance that you like. This would give you the best of both worlds!

Final Thoughts

Getting the wet look is a great way to add some glamour to your style. But it takes a bit of practice to get it just right. By following these tips, you should be able to achieve a sleek, wet-looking hairstyle in no time!

Remember that there are a million ways to get that wet look. Experiment with some of these and figure out which ones you like best. Then let us know what you tried in a comment!

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