Winner of over 70 beauty awards, Color Wow hair products are being billed as “The Future Of Hair Care.”

But are their products ones that make you go, “WOW!” or is it all just marketing hype?

In this article, we dissect our 10 favorite Color Wow hair products (hello, DREAM COAT!) and try to determine which ones hold a place in your hair care routine.

XTRA LARGE Bombshell Volumizer

COLOR WOW Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer

We all know that the Color Wow XTRA LARGE Bombshell Volumizer takes its name very seriously. While other volumizers seem to be irritatingly heavy, Color Wow’s version is lightweight and leaves the hair feeling clean yet voluptuous.

The formula contains citric acid, potassium sorbate, and all natural vegan glycerin – making it perfect for fine or thinning hair – even promising to give you “up to 20% more volume.”

XTRA LARGE isn’t loaded with gluten, parabens, or sulfates. Instead, it’s made with natural ingredients like biotin, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid.

Color Wow also touts its environmental friendliness by saying that the XTRA LARGE Bombshell Volumizer is not tested on animals and that its manufacturing facility runs on green energy.

MONEY MASQUE Deep Hydrating Hair Treatment

MONEY MASQUE Deep Hydrating Hair Treatment by color wow

We couldn’t make it through this list without including Color Wow’s MONEY MASQUE Deep Hydrating Hair Treatment. This hair treatment promises to leave your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free after just one use.

Although Color Wow doesn’t go into much detail about what makes up its proprietary formula, we can tell you that it doesn’t include gluten, parabens, sulfates, or certain ingredients that Color Wow considers to be harsh.

To use this hair treatment, Color Wow recommends applying the product to towel-dried hair and leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water.

In addition to its hydrating properties, Color Wow claims that this hair treatment conditions the scalp and locks in moisture.

We can tell you that it definitely lived up to its claims by making our hair feel healthier after only a few uses.

DREAM FILTER Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover

Dream Filter Pre-shampoo Mineral Remover - COLOR WOW

Another Color Wow hair product that stands out is the DREAM FILTER Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover. This water-based powder claims to give your hair “a break from the buildup of minerals and salts” without stripping it of necessary nutrients.

Color Wow recommends using the DREAM FILTER Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover by spraying a small amount of the spray onto your hair before shampooing.

Color Wow says that the product helps to remove buildup from mineral deposits in hard water, chlorine from swimming pools, and salt spray from the ocean.

Instead of using clarifying shampoos and stripping away valuable hair color, Color Wow recommends using DREAM FILTER before your shampoo so you can get a deep clean without affecting your hair’s moisture.


color Wow Color Security Shampoo

For Color Wow fans who are looking for some color protection, Color Security Shampoo Color Protection & Shine can’t be beaten. Color Security’s shampoo can block up to 98% of damaging UV rays before they can affect your locks’ original color.

Like most Color Wow products, Color Security doesn’t rely on harsh ingredients to deliver its promise. Color Security’s cleansing agent is made with coconut-derived cleansers, hemp oil, and vitamin E – all powerful vegan ingredients.

Color Wow claims that the shampoo helps “maintain existing color vibrancy while protecting against future damage.” Color Security also hydrates dry hair by coating each strand with keratin proteins.

COLOR SECURITY CONDITIONER COLOR WOW Color Security Conditioner for Normal to Thick Hair, 8.4 Fl oz : Everything Else

This is another Color Wow product that’s designed to work together with Color Security Shampoo.

COLOR SECURITY CONDITIONER is meant to be used after cleansing with Color Security Shampoo. Like its shampoo counterpart, this conditioner also promises to hydrate dry hair without weighing it down. Color Security Conditioner includes aloe, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and panthenol (a form of vitamin B that’s known for its hydrating properties).

All this WITHOUT propylene glycol to dry out your soft, glossy curls.

DREAM COCKTAIL Kale-Infused Color Enhancing Gloss

Color Wow Dream Cocktail Kale Infused

Color Wow’s DREAM COCKTAIL Kale-Infused Color Enhancing Gloss promises to add a “dynamic shine” and a boost of color to your locks. The cruelty-free formula is enriched with ingredients like algae extract, kale, and vitamin E for extra conditioning.

They say that the gloss helps repair damage from within and protects your color from the sun.

Also, know that you should be applying DREAM COCKTAIL Kale-Infused Color Enhancing Gloss after using Color Security Shampoo and Color Security Conditioner, but before styling.

COLOR CONTROL Toning + Styling Foam for Blonde Hair

COLOR CONTROL Toning + Styling Foam for Blonde Hair

Color Wow Color Control Toning + Styling Foam is specially formulated to tone blonde hair (they have one for brown hair too). Color Wow says that this lightweight foam reduces brassy tones without weighing down your hair or drying it out.

Like most Color Wow products, Color Control Toning + Styling Foam doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, or alcohol. Color Control’s list of ingredients includes moisturizing ingredients like panthenol (vitamin B5) and aloe to hydrate hair without stripping away color.

COLOR CONTROL Toning + Styling Foam is supposed to be used after Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner have been applied, but before you blow dry your hair.

DREAM COAT Anti-Frizz Treatment

DREAM COAT Anti-Frizz Treatment | Color Wow Hair

Color Wow says that their DREAM COAT Anti-Frizz Treatment detangles and hydrates dry, frizzy hair without weighing it down. They claim that the product “helps resist humidity and maintains touchable softness.”

Color Wow recommends using this product on damp or towel-dried hair to prevent flyaways and add an extra layer of hydration.

So if your color-treated hair is looking extra frizzy today, spray a bit of DREAM COAT on it and you’ll be all set!


Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray

When it comes to hair sprays, these guys know what’s up!

Color Wow recommends using EXTRA MIST-ICAL Shine Spray on dry hair to add a touch of shine. They say that the product “helps transform hair into an undeniably smoother, silkier texture.”

Their Extra Mist-ical formula is designed to be lightweight so it won’t build up or weigh down your style. It also doesn’t contain any alcohol, sulfates, or parabens.

These products are free of harsh chemicals and contain natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile. Color Wow recommends using Extra Mist-ical before blow-drying.



Color Wow One Minute Transformation Smooth, Tame + De-Frizz Cream is Color Wow’s de-frizzing lotion. The formula promises to add softness and shine while eliminating frizz at the same time.

This works on all hair types, whether it’s curly or wavy. It also doesn’t include any harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or silicones. Color Wow’s One Minute Transformation Smooth, Tame + De-Frizz Cream is supposed to be used before blow-drying the hair.

Final Thoughts

Whether you spray a bit of DREAM COAT heat protection on your hair or you prefer something with more powerful conditioning agents, one thing is for sure: Wow Hair has a great product for you.

Now you can straighten your hair with peace of mind, knowing that your breakage is a thing of the past as you use some hair products enhanced with kale.

Is that reassuring? We’re honestly not sure.

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